Law enforcement protection

Under the title “Protecting mentally ill,” the Charlottesville (VA, US) Daily Progress (my local newspaper), published an editorial discussing the problem of interactions between law enforcement officers and indivdiduals with mental illness. The editorial writer lauded efforts by local law enforcement officials to address the issue of untoward interactions between officers and individuals with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, including securing grant funds to advance training for officers.

It’s nice to have a newspaper focus on this issue. EBD Blog readers know that it’s one that concerns me, as noted in the following quote from the entry here entitled Police training recommended:

There are curricula available and in use for helping officers of the law to handle individuals with disabilities. Examples are here, here, and here; there are many others. Do you think your community should promote use of these curricula? Would using them reduce the chances of another child being killed? I hope so.

Sadly, the Daily Progress editorial did not note the critical need for attention to how police and other public-service officials might interact with children and youths who have Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Look’s like it’s time for me to write a tradtional letter to the editor.

Link to the editorial.

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