Under the headline, “Hyperbaric chamber: healthy or hype?” in multiple news sources, Chris Woolston reported about various uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). He has quotes from an advocate and, hooray, from people who know better.

Link to the version that appeared in the Hartford (CT, US) Courant. Links to previous entries from EBD Blog: Does Rossignol et al. show HBOT’s effective? and Miracle or mistake?. Also, please see discussion at

2 Responses to “More HBOT”

  • If you want to look at some medical studies, or you are interested in receiving hardcopies, let us know at HOPE-Connection, in North Reading, MA. We’re a hyperbaric facility and provide parents and caregivers with unbiased third-party information so that they can make their own decisions about HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen.

  • Mike, thanks for the offer. As I have access to my university’s library, I can find just about anything I need, so post the references. If they empirically demonstrate replicable benefits in social behavior or academic performance as a result of HBOT, I’d like to see them.

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