Daily Archive for December 7th, 2009

More maltherapy coverage

Trine Tsouderos and Patricia Callahan, the Chicago Tribune reporters who have provided exemplary examinations of unsupported therapies for Autism, continued their series of stories on the topic with a piece entitled “Autism: Kids Put At Risk” in the Los Angeles Times. In this briefer (though still well-researched) article they devote most of the coverage to examining the physicians who prescribe chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, anti-testorsterone drugs, mega-doses of vitamins, and many other unproven regimens and other doctors who have serious doubts about the consequences, including the safety, of such therapies.

Read “Autism: Kids Put At Risk.” See the related articles “On shaky ground with alternative treatments to autism,” “Four autism treatments that worry physicians,” “Chelation based on faulty premise,” and “Autism therapies can get undeserved credit.” Also, see related EBD Blog posts about the investigative journalism of these writers: Dangerous therapy and Baseless, risky therapies for Autism