Daily Archive for December 8th, 2009

Parent’s concerns

The story of James Delorey is, sadly, an instructive one. For those who have children, the possibility of a daughter or son being lost is a frightful concern. For those whose children have disabilities and are even more vulnerable than other children, having a missing child must be even more frightful.

James Delorey, a boy with Autism, was lost for many hours in the woods near the neighborhood of his home. Harold Doherty, the father of a child from the same Canadian province, chronicled the story on Facing Autism in New Brunswick. Here are references to his posts:

Remarkable Autism story

In “Autism: A journey of recovery” on the “American Morning” section of the Web site of CNN, reporter Kiran Chetry relates the story of Jake Exkorn and his family. Jake’s remarkable story is one of great losses in competence as a toddler, followed by persistent, intensive therapy during his childhood and substantial progress.

Review the transcript for this Autism story here.

First Step takes off

Hill Walker and colleagues reported that the First Step to Success program benefitted young children at risk for developing emotional or behavioral disorders. In a longitudinal study of the three-year program conducted in Albuquerque (NM, US), the researchers found substantial reductions in disruptive behavior and improvements in social functioning.

In a press release, Professor Walker said, “Albuquerque was the first opportunity we had to mount a large-scale study of the program using a randomized control group, the gold standard for research. First Step has been implemented widely, but not [studied] in this way.”
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