Daily Archive for December 14th, 2009

Self- and other-referents in Autism

I’m going a little afield here, as this is not about children or youth. Still, I thought it might be interesting to a reader or two. Using images of the brains of adults with Autism and other adults without Autism, Michael Lombardo and colleagues examined activity in two parts of the individuals brains considered to be involved in thinking about oneself or about others. They found that the individuals with Autism showed differences from their not-Autistic matches in the area of the brain (cingulate cortex) that is active during social interactions and bonding.

All of the participants who had Autism diagnoses (N=29) were pretty high functioning. They were, on average, 26 years old, their average full-scale IQ was almost 116, and on the ADI-R social, communication, and repetitive scales their average (SD) ratings were 17.87 (4.73), 14.83 (3.58), and 5.78 (2.71) respectively.
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Jaylen is ticked at bullies

Jaylen Arnold is not happy about bullying, and he’s telling anyone who will listen to stop bullying now. According to the Web site for Jaylen’s Challenge, Jaylen Arnold, the third grader who is the central figure in the anti-bullying campaign that uses his name and has been featured frequently in the media recently, has Tourette’s disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Jaylen’s effort to end bullying is apparently abetted by his parents (Howard and Robin Holt Arnold) and someone named Paul, who helps with the Web management.

This site is the dream of a wonderful little boy named Jaylen. Jaylen suffers from Tourette Syndrome. He wants to educate people about bullying, bringing attention to the difficulties he faces in his day to day living . He hopes to make you laugh, make you cry, but most importantly make you aware that those with disabilities are not only normal – but incredibly special people. With your help and support he can spread the word and teach people to help…not bully.

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