Props for Ron Artest

Some readers of EBD Blog might know that I follow basketball. That gives me a unique opportunity to mix my interest in hoops with my concern about EBD in this post. I have the chance to acknowledge efforts by Ron Artest, a professional basketball player, to support mental health initiatives. My hat’s off to Mr. Artest for using his celebrity in this helpful manner.

Let me provide a little detail. In one of these efforts, Mr. Artest announced plans to use the ring he received as a member of Los Angeles Lakers when they won the 2010 National Basketball Association championship in a fund-raising raffle for mental health work. Interested readers can learn how to buy raffle tickets here. But that’s only one activity. To read about them all, follow this link. In fact, if one really wants to learn how substantial Mr. Artest’s impact has been, wade through the results of this Google search showing the press coverage of his efforts.

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