ASAT newsletter pending

Do you want to know more about evidence-based interventions for Autism? Are you weary of wading through a lot of over-hyped-and-not-well-tested methods hoping to find one gem? Do you come back to EBD Blog because you pine for trustworthy news about Autism?

There is an alternative, another source: The Association for Science in Autism Treatment has a regular newsletter and a new one is about to be released. If readers hustle their bustles, they can register in time to receive the next issue which includes (according to a mailer I received)

  • A feature article in which Dr. Thomas Zane discusses the adoption of Fad Treatments in Autism.
  • Four research article summaries (ranging from treatment comparisons to prevalence of adults with autism).
  • Spotlight on a new organization Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism.
  • Two Clinical Corners (Food Selectivity and Help with the Dentist).
  • Consumer Corner (Review of Transition Resources for Adolescents and Adults with Autism).
  • An in-depth group interview about fostering positive portrayals of science-based treatment in the media.

…and for the rest, you’re just going to have to read to find out!

Here’s a link to register for the newsletter: I encourage folks to do.

And, if you ever forget how to find ASAT, you don’t have to poke around looking for this message. Just check over there in the siderail. You’ll find it listed in the “Web Resources.”

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  • Hi,

    I just wanted to drop a note and thank you so much for the work you do on this blog- offering such an amazing place for families affected by autism to turn to. ASAT and their newsletter are a great resource for our community and its great to see them highlighted here.

    If you ever need additional resources, stop by & say hello we believe in supporting progress in the autism community.


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