Facilitated Communication and its tentacles examined

Slate medical reporter David Auerbach published a thorough examination of the short-comings of facilitated communication in an article entitled “Facilitated Communication Is a Cult That Won’t Die.” His analysis is too long to summarize here. Readers should read it themselves. Suffice it say that he calls into question not just the practice of FC, but lots more, including funding of FC efforts by the US Department of Education and support of the SWIFT program.

Although Mr. Auerbach’s article mentions a post on our sibling blog, SpedPro, he did not catch the many mentions about FC here on EBDBlog. That’s OK. They are still here!

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  • I understand that Wayne Sailor and Amy McCart, leaders of the SWIFT Center, published a letter on Slate responding to Mr. Auerbach’s article. In it they disavow advocacy of facilitated communication: “SWIFT Center technical assistance, since its inception in 2013, has not, does not, and will not include facilitated communication for the simple fact it is not an evidence based practice.”

    At present, I’m unable to publish a link to this letter, because none of my browsers will open the comments section of the article. If a reader can provide the link, that’d be wonderful.

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